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  • 1. All referrals must be made on www.fourseasonbeverages.com by using referral form or by talking directly to one of our Sales Department representative.
    2. You may refer as many prospective clients as you wish, however, individual prospective clients can only be referred once.
    3. If a client is referred by two people, the earliest dated referral will be eligible for the reward subject to order completion as outlined in paragraph 5.
    4. Clients who are already in our database are not able to be re-referred to Four Season Beverages.
    5. In order to receive $250 Referral Credit reward or $125 In Cash reward the order must be made from our Regular Order Program. $250 Referral Credit reward has no cash value and will be posted against referrer order as a credit towards referrer order. All Referral Awards will be delivered only from first purchase and after referral order is 100% completed and paid in full.
    6. Four Season Beverages reserves the right to alter, suspend or terminate the referral rewards offering at any time. In the case of uncertainty or dispute, and in all other matters pertaining to the Four Season Beverages Referral Awards, the decision of Four Season Beverages will be final.
    7. By accepting Referral Awards, the referrer agrees to the use of their name, image and pictures for publicity and promotional purposes, without compensation, and agrees that the Four Season Beverages will own copyright to any such images and publishing material.
    8. You acknowledge that you have read Refer a Business Program, understand it, and agree to its terms and conditions.
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